Implementation of the EU project

Have you designed and applied for a quality project and secured EU funds for your idea?

The next step is to implement the project. Project implementation is the more difficult part, which is full of challenges and in which the grant beneficiary must adhere to certain rules.

We offer the following project implementation services:

  • Overall Project Management
  • Development and monitoring of Project implementation
  • Risk management
  • Advising on the implementation of NOJN (non-obligatory) procurement procedures within the Project
  • Managing the implementation of the Grant Agreement
  • Information and visibility
  • Ensuring timely and procedurally correct implementation of the project while ensuring compliance with the provisions of the grant agreement,
  • Financial management and cash flow planning of the Project
  • Administrative management of Project documentation, management of overall project documentation and support in ensuring the audit trail
  • Preparation of project reports, requests for reimbursement of funds, communication with the competent authority, preparation of requests for amendments to contracts as needed, etc.
  • Advising on the implementation of obligations related to information and visibility,
  • Communication with managing and intermediate bodies and, where appropriate, with other relevant bodies