EIB technical support

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is jointly owned by EU member states. Her role is:

  • boost employment and economic growth in Europe
  • support climate change mitigation measures
  • promote EU policies beyond EU borders.

Jurisdiction of the EIB

The EIB lends money to capital markets and lends it on favorable terms for projects in line with EU objectives. Approximately 90% of loans are given for projects in the EU. Money is never taken from the EU budget.

  • Lending – covers about 90% of the EIB’s total financial liabilities; this bank lends to clients of all sizes to stimulate economic growth and employment, and this support often contributes to attracting other investors
  • Merging loans – this allows clients to combine EIB financing with additional investment
  • Consulting and technical assistance – to achieve the maximum value for money.

Loans greater than 25 million EUR are provided directly by the EIB. When it comes to smaller loans, the EIB opens credit lines for financial institutions which then lend funds to creditors.

EIB and You

Do you run a company or are you employed in the public sector and have a project that could contribute to achieving EU policy goals? You could be eligible for an EIB loan. Send us an inquiry to info@tetida.eu.