Croatian grants

The entire planning of the project, writing of the project, preparation of tender documentation and filling in the tender application requires extremely precise and good knowledge of European policies by activities, project preparation methods, prescribed procedures and EU terminology.

After the tender is announced, our assistance includes:

  • details and elaboration of the conditions of the announced tender
  • writing of the project (filling in application forms, project budgeting, logical matrix development…)
  • organizing and conducting the preparation necessary to document the application for the tender
  • preparation of appropriate studies: business plans, investment studies, feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyzes (CBA)
  • preparation and submission of applications for the tender.

After receiving the decision on financing, there is a period of project implementation in which the most demanding part is the implementation of the project, which includes writing reports and requests for reimbursement and accurate documentation proving the same. This part requires a large amount of administrative work, accuracy, precision and constant communication with control authority. In this segment, we provide a complete project management service in its implementation and a final request for reimbursement.