Planning of local strategies

Planning of local strategies – new opportunities for local governments


The development of municipalities and cities, according to the recommendations of the European Union, needs to be precisely strategically planned. This means that every local community has to think comprehensively about the economy, education, crafts, culture and civil society. This way the strategic documents will enable the local government to use the grant from the EU funds. During the year 2014 the Ministry of agriculture will subsidize 100% of the amount for the preparation of such strategies. For the cities and municipalities up to 10.000 residents the preparation of such an important document will be completely free.

The team of experts in Tetida Ltd. has international experience in the preparation of strategic development plans. In addition, we are able to support all development projects that will be the carriers of your strategy.

In case you have a vision of the development of your strategy for local development, feel free to contact us. Tetida Ltd. will be your partner in the realization of all your ideas.

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