EU Funds



There are many ideas, but only some of them will get the chance to be realized.

Namely, too often a good idea, project or company is stopped by the challenge of financing. Exactly in this area Tetida Ltd. plays a valuable role: we help and support companies to raise funds, without which the project couldn’t be realized.

We help you to find an appropriate financing source (favorable loans, grants, guaranties,…) for your company or project from the state or program of the European Union. We find the appropriate tender, prepare the necessary documentation and a report about a successful completion of the project.

A professional application with the right attachments leads to an additional source of money flow into the company.

We offer your company a review of the current financial opportunities, public tenders and grants in Croatia and the EU.

Except the current tenders, we offer information about the significant conditions for applying on tenders.

Below we propose the following professional solutions:

  • Choosing the right tender for grants and favorable loans
  • Business idea design
  • Preparation of the tender documentation
  • Help in loan searching
  • Help in Project Management, preparation of reports and successful completion of the project