Apriori World  Bez naslova

Apriori World is group of agencies and consultants who manage daily processes in the field of communication management, creating added value that affects the perception of reputation, providing support for profit generation.

Zagreb – Mostar – Sarajevo – Skopje – Istanbul – Doha – Kijev – Venice – Milano – London

Various services enable the implementation of new visions to follow trends in the creation and implementation of communication strategies. More information can be found on the website:

COIN Ltd. 

Coin company is well known consulting company in Istria, which has been on the market for more than 20 years, and has its services in 2 groups:

  1. Business consulting
  1. a) Consulting in development and realization of investments (development of methodologies, project models, creation of opportunity and feasibility studies…)
  1. b) Business consulting (accounting, financial management and implementation of controlling and financial management system with BI application)
  1. Products and services on dataSimplified platform

DataSimplified platform for data analytics, integration and visualization has developed various solutions for public and private sector.

All solutions are situated in the cloud and based on robust system of business intelligence.

  1. a) DS-Controlling – The solution that connects all city businesses and institutions to the single intelligent planning and reporting system, and daily liquidity monitoring. All levels of decision making, according to their powers, receive completely unified reports and transparent business information of companies and institutions owned by the city.
  1. b) DS-Geo – The solution that provides a complete data management framework. An entire spectrum of possibilities for displaying and analyzing space opens by connecting with the information system of the cities, as well as s more actively involvement of citizens in the spatial planning and developmental of the city.
  1. c) DS-Interactive visualization – The best way to present essential information to citizens that are usually in complicated and incomprehensible form to them.

Cities have the possibility to use all advantages of modern technology without investing and using the symbolic subscription to encourage their citizens to actively engage in decision making process important to them and the community.
More information can be found on the website:


 IVIS-94 Ltd.  

logoIVIS-94 is a power utility company and develops, executes and finds financing ways for energy efficiency projects through the ESCO model. The service includes modernization, reconstruction and renovation of existing facilities and objects with a view to more rational energy consumption, and the funds which are invested return to energy and maintenance savings.

IVIS-94 provides financing for an investment that is repayable up to 3 or 8 years depending on the client and project.

Areas of business are public and private sector, ie building, public lighting, industry and energy supply systems.

The main objective our service is to assure the client low energy costs through Energy Efficiency projects.


LIBUSOFT CICOM d.o.o.                   LibusoftCicom

LIBUSOFT CICOM Ltd. is an IT company that has been developing its own application solutions for managing budget, profit and non – profit accounting since 1992. All of our applications are merged under the BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEM, which is protected under the sign SPI®, and are intended for:

  1. Local and regional self-government units and other budget accounting officers
  2. Utility companies
  3. Managers of apartment buildings
  4. Small and medium – sized enterprises

By choosing SPI® applications and LIBUSOFT CICOM Ltd., you get a quality partner that will support you in many aspects of your daily business:

  • 25 years of experience in developing solutions and support in work of local and regional self-government units

  • Headquarter in Zagreb and 4 business offices: Osijek, Split, Rijeka i Novigrad in Istria

  • Over 110 permanent employees and 40 associates

  • Currently over 850 permanent users

  • More than 7500 operators per day

  • Certification for ISO 9001 Quality Management

  • SO 27001 – Information Security Certifications

  • Continued cooperation with 10 partner companies

  • Openness to cooperating with local partners by choosing the user

  • Stable business and steady growth



logo zelena gradnja1ZELENA GRADNJA is an architectural studio for the preparation and design of preliminary design and main architectural projects, whether it is new building or renovating and reconstructing existing buildings.

According to the wishes of the investors, we prepare the project documentation in accordance with the requirements of the EU and national funds, and in this sense we have experience of working with private investors and local self-government units.

We are specializing in a variety of projects that include the principles of sustainable architecture, new renewable energy technologies, energy savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of certified “green” building material.

According to your wishes and ideas we prepare:

  • Preliminary design projects
  • Main projects
  • Detailed design project
  • Budget tailored to Public Procurement Act
  • Projects for passive and low energy buildings, apartment buildings, halls, schools, kindergartens, business premises and commercial buildings
  • Reconstruction, conversion and adaptation projects
  • Consultation on reducing the operational energy of the building
  • Projects of reconstruction of old and poorly isolated facilities and their transformation into low energy facilities
  • Physical building projects and noise protection

Functionality, savings, quality and technical details including the environmental principles involved in construction, are complex processes that require knowledge, creativity and continuous training and learning.

For more information, visit or call +385 99 385 0177.